This Piercer is used in automotive electrical diagnosis by means of piercing the circuit connecting wires to check its continuity, measure voltage, resistance (Ohms), etc. in conjunction with a multimeter.

It can be used as a Magnetic Field detector to detect the functionality of the magnetic coil in relays, solenoid valves, injectors, etc. which produces magnetic fluxes.

Part no.    : PZ30V    




1. Can be used together with multimeters for further diagnostics. 

2. Pierce through wire with minimal damage to its insulation while doing troubleshooting diagnosis on the vehicle. 

3. Self centering piercing needle for perfect pierce through in order to establish metal contact even on small diameter wires. 

4. Quick and Easy reach for obstructed areas where the wires & circuits are located. 

5. Place probe tip near the magnetic component (e.g. solenoid coils, relays, etc.) to check its functionality while the circuit is operating.


The extra ordinary hook design which can hold the small wire of 0.5mm up to diameter of 5.0 mm at sufficient retention and locked on steadily, ensuring the wire is centered and doesn’t slip during pierce through.


With the 195 mm long half end, it allows easy contact into a hard to reach test point.

Piercer LED light and locking funtion