Electrical Function Tester

This Electrical Function Tester is designed to test vehicle components e.g. lamps, horns, tail lights, etc. easily whether it is situated within or outside (dismantle) of the vehicle.  

To conduct the tests, just connect to a 12VDC  car battery and carry out the test that is needed. 

Its output power feed voltage can be selected by pressing  button for +12VDC (positive Volt out) or pressing a button for -12Vdc (negative Volt out).

Part no.    : FNT24V   



1. Able to check circuit polarity (+ or -) 

2. Conductivity Test can be performed 

3. Able to perform activation test on components removed from the vehicle. 

4. Selection of Positive (+) Volt or Negative (-) Volt power output for component activation. 

5. Trailer Light Test.


1. Trailer Light Test


2. Electrical Components activation while it is still fixed in the vehicle (Using Negative supply)


3. Electrical Components activation while it is still fixed in the vehicle (Using positive supply).


4. Polarity Test: (without pressing any switch on the tester)



5. Conductivity Test:  (Without pressing any switch on the tester).


6. Electrical Components activation when they were removed from the vehicle: (Using positive supply)