OBD Breakout Extension

This OBD Breakout Extension is composed of two OBD2 male connectors on one end connected to OBD Female with a pig tail cable on the other end to connect an AC Power Adaptor or 12V battery (battery clamps to DC cable needed).



It can be used for the following application:

1. Diagnosis and programming of standalone ECU

Use OBD Breakout Extension to connect AC Power Adaptor or 12V battery via its pig tail cable to supply power on Break Out Box and ECU that is detached from the vehicle. This allows diagnosis and programming of standalone ECU even if not installed on the car.

Example: diagnosis or programing of new ECU before installation to the vehicle.

2. Diagnosis and programming of multiple ECUs

The two OBD2 Male connectors facilitates connection of multiple ECUs such as instrument cluster, immobilizer, body computer module etc.

The OBD Female allows connection to OBD Break Out Box, this enable tapping on Break Out Box 4mm banana sockets for checking communication signals/ data line or doing diagnosis and programming without connecting to car DLC.