Test Aid
 For repair of engine and wiring related faults  

Variable Resistor
12V/24V Function Tester
Cigar Lighter Power Supply Connector
50W Short Circuit Indicator Lamp c/w Buzzer
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 Mini, ATC, and Maxi Fuse adapters for easy connection to the fuse box  

ATC Fuse Adapter
Mini-Fuse Adapter
Maxi Fuse Adapter
Mini/ATC In-line Fuse Connector
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 Various sizes of male and female connecting terminals with 2mm banana socket output to suit your applications  

2.0mm Female Flat Test Lead
2.0mm Male Flat Test Lead
2.0mm Female Round Test Lead
2.0mm Male Round Test Lead
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 Interconnection leads for all applications  

Micro Hook Test Lead
Banana Jack Cable
Banana Jack Cable
Stacking Banana Cable
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 Cables with various sizes of terminals for diagnosis and repair of engine and ECU. Each one is marked with part no's for easy identification.  

Flat Test Lead (0.8mm M)
Flat Test Lead (0.8mm F)
Flat Test Lead (1.2mm M)
Flat Test Lead (1.2mm F)
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 Used for probing connectors and in piercing different wire types and sizes  

Extended Probe
Acicular Probe To 4mm Banana Socket
Acicular Probe To 4mm Banana Socket
Acicular Probe
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 Clips with high strength insulation and nickel/brass-plated jaws.  

Alligator Clip
Alligator Clip
Crocodile Clip
Crocodile Clip
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Innovative interface for diagnostics!


OLC -  June 2012


Test OBD2 port before plug in Scan tool


Protocol Detector & Break Out Box (Pro- BOB) - Nov. 2011


Plug and Play Protocol & Problem Detector of car`s DLC!


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