Test Aid
   Diagnostic Cables

VAS 2x2 (Audi) Adapter
VAG 2x2 (Audi) Adapter
OBDII Extension Cable
LT Sprinter Adapter
LR 5 Way M to ODU 16P M Cable
TTS 5 Way F to ODU 16P M Cable
LR 4 Way to ODU 16P M Cable
Rover 3 pin to ODU 16P M Cable
Alligator Clip to ODU 2 Pin Cable
OBD M to ODU 16P M Cable
ODU 16P F to ODU 16P M Extension Cable
OBD M to OBD F Extension
Daewoo 12P- DC to OBDII F Adapter
DB26 F to Daewoo 12P Cable
Daewoo 12P to DB25 F (Switch)
Fiat 3P - OBDII F- DC Adapter
Honda 3P to OBDII Adapter
Honda 3P to DB25 F Adapter
Honda 5P M to OBDII F Adaptor
Hyundai - DB9 F Cable

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Innovative interface for diagnostics!


OLC -  June 2012


Test OBD2 port before plug in Scan tool


Protocol Detector & Break Out Box (Pro- BOB) - Nov. 2011


Plug and Play Protocol & Problem Detector of car`s DLC!


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